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My husband and I met late in life and are 'living the dream' in Albuquerque!

Born in small-town Saskatchewan, Canada, I spent the majority of my years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada working as a Physical Therapist. It was during 'this life' that I became interested in real estate through searching for my first home.

I was likely not the ideal home-buyer client for my Realtor... he showed me at least 15 or 20 homes and none of them were 'right', but one day while cycling around a desired neighborhood, a For Sale by Owner sign caught my eye. That was the one!

My Realtor successfully got me in to see the home and I was in love with it. Several negotiations were required before closing an agreement. I'm eternally grateful for the efforts that Realtor went through, and lived in that fabulous home for 15 years.

It was incredibly difficult to consider leaving my home after all the memories made there, but it was time for another life with my new husband Kevin, and we intended to move to the US nearer to Kevin's family. We were fortunate again to have another skillful and attentive Realtor come to the rescue! He did an amazing job of ensuring we closed on the deal smoothly even though there were a few issues to iron out, and closed exactly when we needed to.

In the US, we lived in a beautiful 100 year-old home on a lake in Massachusetts, surrounded by mother nature - majestic trees, deer and wild turkeys, waterfowl and fish jumping.
It was glorious but isolating and I yearned for city life again. However, it was during this period of self-reflection and future planning that my opportunity to learn about and pursue the interest in Real Estate became my new focus.

The overwhelming excitement and anxieties around house-hunting and living in homes that fill you with peace and joy is something I wish to share in and achieve for others, so it seemed natural to pursue getting licensed.

Our decision to relocate to New Mexico was the best idea yet! With the natural beauty and incredible weather, New Mexico easily lives up to its slogan: 'The Land of Enchantment'. We bought our home within the first year, and now focus on serving both retail clients and investors.

I thank you for reading our story and am hoping we can assist you on your home-hunting journey as well as the sometimes difficult process of leaving a space you love.

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