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Herding Cats- A Realtor’s Story

                As a Realtor we have some funny stories to share. We are responsible for the home and all of the contents including pets. I recently held a house open that had cats. I love cats. I was kind of excited to have some company in between buyers arriving to see the home. This home owner I could tell really took good care of his cats and was really worried they might get out while people were looking at the home. There were little signs posted on the sliders and doors thanking people for coming to see the home but to be mindful not to let the pets out. As the owner was leaving he asked me if I wouldn’t mind bringing the litter box in from the garage when I left. I didn’t mind of course. He left and the house was quiet and after about 20 minutes or so I had the first kitty come to see me. He was a orange cat. He was so friendly and loved to be petted. Things were going swimmingly until he went to where his litter box was. I could hear him meowing and scratching. So, I went to check on him and he’s scratching on the cabinet door. Now, I am concerned he may need his litter box. So, I go out to the garage and bring in the box. I give him a moment alone and I can hear the usual scratching and litter flying around in the box. Just as he is in full scratch mode. Up the driveway start walking a couple. So, I run downstairs to put the litter box out in the garage and off runs the cat. However, now there is um an odor in that area. I show as much of the rest of the house before coming to that room. So they leave and Mr. Orange kitty is still needing his box. So, I go back out to the garage again and he slips past me into the garage. Now I am trying to catch him before he gets to far into the garage. So. back in I go holding the cat box and trying to prevent the cat from slipping past me again. It’s then that kitty #2 comes to say Hello and she needs her box too. It’s morning so everyone has their schedule in this home. Kitty #2 starts to scratch and here comes two more people. Arrrgh. Now I am back to running the kitty box out. Keeping two kitties from sneaking out around me. These two are escape artists. Now, I know why the homeowner has signs. By the time the open house was over. I brought the kitty box in and out at least four or five times. Mr. Orange kitty got by me twice into the garage and I was truly herding cats. These two kitties made it memorable for me that’s for sure.

Stacey Hughes Realtor- Red Fox Realty

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Stacey Hughes

I remember how if felt to find a home that I truly loved. How excited I was to go home everyday. How excited my children were to have their own rooms and a bathroom. It's my goal to help others find ....

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  • Posted by Cnewman505
    Oh my! Great story and experience! 😁

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